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Eastern Head Massage

Eastern Head Massage

Kirsty Slattery, Eastern Head Massage, Reiki & proprietor at The Yard

Kirsty Slattery, Eastern Head Massage, Reiki & proprietor at The Yard

Eastern Head Massage relaxes and balances, using shiatsu and acupressure techniques across the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, scalp and face, while the recipient is seated and fully-clothed.

This treatment is suitable in pregnancy and is effective in helping to relieve many symptoms of stress such as headaches, migraines, tension, insomnia and much more.

Kirsty Slattery is a Reiki and Karuna Master, massage therapist, teacher and intuitive energy healer.

She is proprietor of Gracelands Yard in North West London, a holistic and creative centre.  From here she treats clients and runs classes and courses in Reiki and other Spiritual subjects.  Her clients vary widely and include health practitioners, therapists, pregnant women, babies and children.

Her aim is to help those on their Spiritual journey through Reiki healing sessions, offering an intuitive, heart-centred approach, focusing on mindfulness and conscious living.  Kirsty is a mother of two and practices intuitive wellness, yoga, chanting and meditation.

30 minute treatment £45,

60 minute treatment £75,

75 minute combination Reiki and Eastern Head Massage treatment £85.

For further information or to book an Eastern Head Massage treatment, please call Kirsty on 07976 74 73 22.