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Transformational Cacao Healing Ceremony, 26.6.22

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Transformational Cacao Healing Ceremony, 26.6.22

You are invited to a cacao healing ceremony with shamanic plant medicine practitioner Luissa Burton “The Official Green Queen” as seen on TV.  Sunday June 26, from 6-8pm.
Cacao is heart-opening, enables greater connection and emotional well-being, enhanced focus and expanded states of consciousness. When consumed in a ceremonial quantity, cacao is a powerful catalyst for all types of inner work and healing. Cacao is an Amazonian superfood that is an excellent medicine for the soul. Luissa will take you on a two hour guided meditation and journey with cacao and high frequency sound healing.
Luissa is a multidimensional coach and healer on a mission to bring peace to the planet.  Luissa’s background is in the modelling industry but after a series of spiritual awakenings, she uses her skills and intuitive gifts to help others take the path of self-peace as a leader of the New Earth paradigm.
“I bring peace to myself, others and the planet”.  She has worked with the Yawanawa tribe of Brazil and has been initiated with Cacao in Glastonbury, England.Experience peace, joy, letting go and healing at this incredible ceremony in association with Gracelands YardPlease note: If you are taking SSRI’s or anti depressants please inform us when booking so we can give you an adjusted dose.Places are limited so booking is essential, please click here to book.

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