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Breathe to a Better Birth 23.06.19

karen and jd

Breathe to a Better Birth 23.06.19

Sunday 23rd June, 10:30am-12:30pm

Karen Mander is an experienced hypnobirthing teacher and founder of Breathe to a Better Birth, a highly acclaimed, affordable 2.5 hour ante-natal class which fuses the best of hypnobirthing, meditation, mindfulness and breathing with a renewed belief in birth as a life-affirming and “meant to be” experience.

Her workshops have been designed to allow thorough practice and application of the techniques and are supported by audios and class manuals.

“It’s not where you give birth, it’s how you give birth that is important. When we surrender to the innate ability of the body, assisted by the powerful bio-chemistry of birth, we start to realise that we are co-creating life and that is, in itself, a miracle.


The cost of the workshop is £90 per couple.