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Fly like a bird! by Samira Schmidli

Flying Falcon

Fly like a bird! by Samira Schmidli

Find freedom on a physical, emotional and intellectual level.

Do you ever feel trapped in the spinning wheel of life?

Almost as if you are only taking part in a play and life can feel as if it is passing you by?

Practicing yoga can help you become more aware of the present moment and this in time can help you feel more satisfied with the way your life is going. You might find more freedom, as you slowly awaken from the mundane, mechanical wheel of life, to a place where you have choice. No longer caught up in a big fuzzy cloud, instead feeling as free as a bird, even when life is still taking you from one place to the next, suddenly you realise there is perspective. Looking through the hourglass with a different lens.

Omm Shanti

Love & Peace,

Samira x

Samira teaches Vinyasa Flow Yoga on Tuesday’s and Restorative Yoga on Wednesday’s here at The Yard as well as guest teaching at our gatherings.