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Time for a Spiritual Detox? by Kirsty Slattery

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Time for a Spiritual Detox? by Kirsty Slattery

A ‘holistic’ approach to life is now becoming a more recognised term, which represents the importance for each individual to learn to live a balanced and Spiritual life.  Living a wholesome lifestyle with a healthy Spiritual approach is fundamental when aiming to attain full body detoxification for radiant health and well-being.

The physical body and mind fit together perfectly with the Spirit, though Spirituality is often the aspect that is overlooked in people’s busy lives.  So if you are seeking a Super Detox it is essential that all of these elements are well-maintained and focused upon.

We understand that cleansing our physical bodies plays an important part in maintaining good health and balance.  The process helps us resolve ongoing health issues and increases our body’s energy.  But detoxification of the mind too, is essential when embarking upon the cleansing of our physical body, and doing this in a holistic way often manifests changes on many different levels, all of which are key to healing.

Changing and cleansing negative patterns will increase one’s health and assist in reducing emotional stress and anxiety levels.   Then during, and post-detox, these feelings are often replaced with more positive emotions such as happiness, clarity, peace and love!

I believe that everyone is a Spiritual being with intuition they can use, simply by taking time to recognise, acknowledge and work with it!  A beautiful, accessible gift offering unlimited guidance and wisdom.  Learning to use your intuition will help you discover the type of detox your body needs and pinpoint which areas need to be focused upon.

Detox can naturally enhance one’s Spirituality in relation to their everyday lifestyle.  Within a few days of starting a cleansing process, we begin to feel clearer, and experience renewed energy.  As the detoxification continues, a stronger dedication emerges towards eating better, and we naturally begin to create time and space to focus on our positive thought patterns.

I advise clients undertaking physical cleansing processes, of  the many ways they can start their own Spiritual detox, teaching them techniques for visualisation and ways to focus the mind.

Begin to create some time for yourself; embark on a form of meditation or prayer, and learn to nurture your Spirit.  Finding time everyday to connect for just a few minutes in silence or by journalling, walking, meditating, chanting, yoga or surrounding yourself with inspiring music.  You can choose whatever intuitively works for you!

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