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74703FBE-5A85-49AF-8579-AE15A12B5228Movement, Sound Meditation – no classes due to the pandemic


Join us in a relaxed, open environment, where we will explore possibilities of going beyond the mind, to discover our Being.

Movement, with breath work, brings our awareness from external to internal. Sound Healing balances, relaxes and rejuvenates. Meditation helps us to become intensely conscious of the present moment.

Practicing together is powerful, and this combination of techniques can help to still the mind and deepen your joy, love and gratitude. Come along and discover what Movement, Sound and Meditation can offer you.

2 hour gatherings for adults, from 9am, on selected Tuesdays and Saturdays. Please join at 9am, or anytime before 10am to ensure a flow in everyone’s practice.

“ You are already a Buddha, the only difference is one has remembered and one has forgotten” ~ Osho


toddler art 2 small

Toddler Art – class resumes Autumn 2020

9:30am ~ Suitable for 15 months – 4 years

Play, create and learn with Elaine Gristock. Be taken through the Alphabet to make artwork for a letter per week. We advise messy clothing!

The cost of this class is £50 for 6 classes or £9 drop-in. Trial class only £5!

To book please click here.


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NCT Postnatal Workshops – cancelled due to the pandemic

Introducing Solids Workshops, 10.30am-12.30pm, monthly.

The National Childbirth Trust will be running postnatal courses monthly throughout the year on Tuesdays.

Classes will be covering a variety of subjects for new parents and carers with their babies, including weaning and more.

For more information, please see the NCT website.

baby massageMum & Toddler Yoga – class resumes Autumn 2020


The class introduces basic yoga asanas and sequences combining songs, games and props, as well as teaching the core principles of yoga.

The classes are fun and playful with a focus on the child, encouraging them to maintain their curiosity in movement and the world around them, as well as develop confidence and self-awareness.

Suitable for children ages 10 months to 4 years.

With a background in education and dance, Alice brings her own unique teaching style to her classes, encouraging her students to build confidence and cultivate self-appreciation. The intention is to leave the class feeling refreshed, restored and calm.

The cost of this class is £14 drop in or 6 classes for £72 (please note that the 6 classes must be taken within a two month period from purchase date).

To book please click here.


New Yoga  resizeYoga for Stress – ONLINE ZOOM CLASSES


This class will help release deep-seated tension, sometimes long held and so engrained in one’s physique, that it is often unnoticed until an issue/problem arises.

Using the breath and increasing awareness in movement and asanas (yoga postures) this tension can be let go of, so the body can open, the breath can restore and the mind can settle and clear.  From here the work in strengthening, integrating and harmonising the mind, body and breath begins.

Audrey has been teaching yoga since 2002 and practicing since 1985 and is qualified in the tradition of Krishnamacharya, as well as holding a British Wheel of Yoga diploma.  She is influenced and inspired by John Stirk, Vanda Scaravelli, and TKV Desikachar.

Visit Audrey’s website here.

The cost of this class is £14 drop in or 6 classes for £72 (please note that the 6 classes must be taken within a two month period from purchase date).

To book please click here.


muiscPiano & Voice Lessons @ The Yard on the Rise – VIRTUAL LESSONS TAKING PLACE

1pm – 7:30 pm

All ages

Learning to play an instrument is a worthwhile activity that will give you lifelong pleasure and stimulate new areas of your brain. Develop your musicality, boost your confidence and have fun!

All of our teachers are friendly, talented musicians and experienced in teaching all ages – you’re never too young or too old!

To discuss music tuition for you or your child, please call 020 8960 7450 or email info@gracelandsyard.com


Tennie TapTeenie Tap – no classes due to the pandemic

 4-4:30pm, 2-6yrs

Introducing Teenie Tap to The Yard with Miss Julie of JMC Dance & Music.

In this class the children will get an introduction to the fabulous art of tap dancing! Tap dance is great for balance, coordination and rhythm whilst gaining strength in those little legs and ankles. Plus it’s so much fun to make lots of noise, so get your shoes on and come along to this toe tapping, fun class!

Miss Julie trained professionally at Middlesex University, gaining a first class degree in Dance Performance. She teaches ballet, contemporary, street, tap & jazz and is experienced in co-ordinating children’s parties. She also performs all around the UK with her all singing, all dancing, all tapping act, My Favourite Things.

The cost of this class is £45 for 6 weeks, trial class is £5.

To book please click here.


contemp resizeContemporary Dance – no classes due to the pandemic

Ages 8-13yrs, 4:45-5:45pm

This is a fun, creative dance class each Tuesday taught by Julie McNamee, aimed at enthusiastic youngsters with a passion for dance or for those who want guidance to prepare them for the professional dance sector. Julie graduated from Middlesex University with a first class degree in Dance Performance and she continues to perform regularly as well as teach all over London. In this class Julie aims to help her students learn contemporary moves & routines alongside freestyle dance, all promoting co-ordination, technique, fitness & nurturing a love of performance.

£5o for 6 weeks, £7.5 trial class.

To book please click here.


nicole headshotEFT course ~ online course taking place on 12th, 19th, 26th May


Learn to de-stress with EFT

A three part course with Nicole Harvey of Have Your Magic. This is a series of 3 sessions to fully learn, embrace and practice EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

Week 1 – begins with an introduction to EFT and how to practice EFT/Tapping.

Weeks 2 and 3 explore the technique further, and hot to go deeper into the practise. This will give participants the opportunity to focus on specific issues that they may want to clear, and include further tips on how to change your state and feel better.

Each session is 30 mins in length.

The cost of this course is £30.

“Nicole is a gifted and sincere healer who can take the client through the full journey to find and release the blocks and patterns stopping someone living their true potential.. She made me feel very safe and relaxed as we worked on clearing old hurts; her intuition is spot on. Her work is almost like ‘fast track therapy’  her gong baths are the best de-stresser around. One walks on air afterwards…”Joanna.

To book please click here.


Releve 100%Vinyasa Flow Yoga – no classes due to the pandemic


A faster paced class, moving deeper into postures and with more emphasis on the breath.

The class includes flowing sequences, pranayama and breath work.

The cost of this class is £16 drop in or 6 classes for £80 (please note that the 6 classes must be taken within a two month period from purchase date).

To book please click here.