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IMG_0033Pilates – no classes due to the pandemic


Pilates is a mind and body method with a wide range of benefits. It improves mental and physical well-being. Pilates targets the deep postural muscles, building strength from the inside out, rebalancing the body and bringing it into correct alignment- Making you stronger and happier.

Classes are open and taught by Britt, a Balanced Body certified instructor, and Kensal Rise mum of two. With 10 years of Pilates experience from San Francisco, NYC, Stockholm and now London. Britt teaches people at all levels, age groups and abilities- rehab and pre or postnatal.  Her love of Pilates is contagious! Here is Britt’s website – www.pilatesshed.com

The cost of this class is £14 drop in or 6 classes for £72 (please note that the 6 classes must be taken within a two month period from purchase date).

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Sing & Sign @ Gracelands Yard

Sing & Sign @ Gracelands Yard

Sing & Sign -

no classes due to the pandemic

9:30am, Stage 2 (14-30 months)

10:15am, Stage 2 (14-30 months)

11am, Stage 1 (5-13months)

11:45am, Stage 1 (5-13months)

Sing and Sign shows you how to help your baby communicate BEFORE speech.  It’s easy! Learn the fun way!

Traditional and original songs, Nursery rhymes, Puppets and props, Instruments. Research shows that signing boosts the infant’s vocabulary and mental development, reduces tantrums and improves parent-child relationships.

For babies 5-30 months of age, must be accompanied by parent or carer.

Booking is essential and your first trial class is FREE!

If you and your little one would like to attend our wonderful Sing and Sign classes, please contact Harriet on 0208 90 68 69 / 07947304717 / harrietroberts@singandsign.co.uk


annesophie equilibriumacupuncture website photoQigong with Anne-Sophie Morel


These are strange times – when we need our humanity and empathy more than ever, we are forced to be cut off of from each other. As Covid19 spreads globally, online Qigong seems like a great way to keep supporting you, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Anne-Sophie has been practicing Tai Chi and Qigong for over twenty years and is excited to be able to teach some very easy techniques that can help improve your health and promote relaxation.

What is Qigong?

Qigong (pronounced chee-gong) is an ancient Chinese exercise and healing technique that involves focused intention, controlled breathing, good posture and movement exercises.  There are thousands of different sets of movements, some harder, more external, some gentler, and some which are more meditative. Many are very simple to learn.

Whilst Tai Chi is a martial art, Qigong is thought more as body and mind conditioning.

No mats, no lycra, no need to be flexible, young or old, seated or standing, anyone with a square metre of floor space can do this!

In these uncertain times, as we sit at home waiting, anxious; Qigong will help with getting your whole body and mind re-energised, less stagnant, calm, and above all, right now, improve your immune system, and build resilience.

If you have a specific health condition, or any questions, please contact Anne-Sophie ahead of the class time by text on 07779111248.

The cost of this class is £14 drop in or 6 classes for £72 (please note that the 6 classes must be taken within a two month period from purchase date). Class takes place via Zoom (you will be sent an invitation link after booking).

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Piano, Flute, Recorder, Guitar, Ukulele, Clarinet & Saxophone lessons @Yard on the Rise – VIRTUAL LESSONS TAKING PLACE


Ages 5+

Learning to play an instrument is a worthwhile activity that will give you lifelong pleasure and stimulate new areas of your brain.

Develop your musicality, boost your confidence and have fun!  ABRSM syllabus covered for all grades on the piano.

All of our teachers are talented musicians and experienced in teaching all ages – you’re never too young or too old!

To discuss music tuition for you or your child, please call 020 8960 7450 or email info@gracelandsyard.com

jessamy 4Kids Yoga – no classes due to the pandemic


The children’s yoga classes are an introduction to yoga through movement, breath and creativity in a safe and nurturing environment.

Based around stories and themes from the world around us, we explore various yoga postures in a fun and interactive way. The intention is for each child to develop a healthy relationship with themselves and others in a relaxed and supportive space.

Jessamy Dunn is a trained and experienced Primary school teacher, as well as a certified Kids Rainbow Yoga teacher and 200 hr yoga teacher.

She has been working with children for over 10 years and is very passionate about contributing to children’s well-being, through fun, mindfulness, yoga and the arts.

The cost of this class is £9.5 drop in or 6 classes for £50, trial class is £7.50

To book please click here.


Pregnancy Yoga logo



Make time for you and your baby.  A yoga class especially for pregnant women.  Gentle Yogic postures designed to release tension, along with breathing exercises bringing about body awareness and connection.  A chance to meet with other expecting mothers in a relaxed space.  Connect with your baby and prepare for labour and birth through movement.

Katie Myers is a Yoga and movement teacher based in London, who will gently introduce you to Pregnancy Yoga and relaxation.

The cost of this class is £16 drop in or 6 classes for £80 (please note that the 6 classes must be taken within a two month period from purchase date).

To book please click here.