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Thai Massage

Kitty Parmar Thai Massage at The Yard

Kitty Parmar
Thai Massage at The Yard

Thai body massage is an ancient therapeutic treatment providing relaxation.

It promotes balance in the body’s various centres, facilitates healthy blood circulation, and provides an overall manipulation of the physical form and structure of the body.

Massage of the pressure points, energy lines and the basic body forces together produce a highly therapeutic effect.

It is also a traditional and effective treatment for relieving stress and tension. It can be used for the treatment of back and neck pain, shoulder pain and sports injuries including muscle and tendon strains.

Benefits of a full Thai body massage include;

~ alleviation of physical and emotional tension,

~ release and relaxation of the muscles and improved flexibility,

~ relief from general muscular pains,

~ muscular-skeletal realignment,

~ aid the body’s natural ability to detox, and much more…

Kitty also offers treatments from 30 mins – 70 mins in duration, in Thai Yoga Massage and Foot massage.

Kitty is offering HALF PRICE off your first therapy treatment at The Yard on Saturday mornings, 8:30am-2:30pm. Book your first 1 hour treatment now, only £25!

For further information on treatments or to book an appointment, please call Kitty on 07763 58 08 75