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Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual Guidance

IMG_9725Would you like to discover your purpose and understand the meaning behind your life?
Do you feel you could enjoy your day-to-day experience far more, but the same kind of challenges keep reappearing and you don’t know why?
Perhaps you find that people aren’t responding to you respectfully or appropriately and you wish to change that?

Now is the time to expand your field of vision and learn more about yourself, moving towards becoming empowered and content.

In conversation with Antony and his Spirit Guides, you can gain clarity by accessing a spiritual (non-religious) perspective with which to overcome your unique obstacles.

You will learn how to transform and move your life forward by understanding the reasons and purpose behind your experiences and why those challenges will continue to reoccur until they are addressed.

This will show you how to nurture your natural ability to stimulate more positivity into your life and create and inspire more positive responses from those around you.

Overshadow counselling is the approach that Antony uses during these sessions. Whilst in easy conversation with you, fundamental information will be impressed upon him & he will discuss it with you. In a very direct way, this will allow you to view your struggles objectively & pinpoint what you can do to change your situation, thereby finding more peace & a sense of ownership/control over your life.

Antony derives an enormous satisfaction from being able to facilitate guidance and healing for his clients. He will be very happy to discuss any questions you may have regarding the above. All consultation work is carried out in the strictest confidence and with utmost discretion.

To find out more, you can contact Antony on 07956 271416 or at psychiclifeguidance@gmail.com