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Dina Mistry, Remedial & Sports Massage at The Yard


Remedial and Sports massage helps relieve sore, tired aching muscles & reduce post-sports fatigue. This type of massage also helps to lower blood pressure, relieve stress, improve sense of wellness & assists with sleep. It can aid metabolism & make your skin glow, as it helps in the removal of waste from the skin & muscles.  It also enhances nutrition to muscles & skin and improves skin texture.

Fascia is the tough connective that holds us together.  It has been described as the ‘3-dimensional body stocking’ that envelops each & every structure of the body. Massage can relieve fascial restrictions that can occur through postural imbalances, accidents, emotional trauma, or repetitive strain issues.

Dina has been a qualified massage therapist since 2000 when she completed her ITEC diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Massage, before training with Jing Advanced Massage school over the next 10 years. After gaining her Advanced Clinical Massage certificate, she went on to complete her BTEC level 6 consisting of myofascial techniques, advanced sports stretching, sports rehab, orthopaedic assessment, physiotherapy and osteopathic techniques all aimed at treating chronic and subacute musculoskeletal pain caused from sporting injuries, work related postural stress and life!

Dina works with her clients to ease pain and dysfunction and restore optimal function. Her fusion of advanced techniques can help people with all common pain conditions: headaches, whiplash, carpal tunnel, strains and sprains, tendinopathies IT band syndrome, piriformis syndrome, joint problems as well as more complex conditions such as IBS, fibromyalgia, arthritis, cervical disc pathologies, asthma and more, using clinical assessment to best determine the course of treatment.

Please call Dina on 07946 348 244 for more information and to book.