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Tansy Lihou, Reflexology  at The Yard

Tansy Lihou, Reflexology at The Yard


A safe, natural and gentle complementary therapy, that uses applied pressure to stimulate specific reflex points on the feet, hands or ears, to relieve areas of stress and tension.

Reflexology aims at being preventative; treating the cause rather than the symptoms of disease, while encouraging the healing potential of your own body to restore you to a healthy balance.

Hand Reflexology

Hand reflexology is ideal for those who don’t like having their feet touched or for those who cannot receive foot reflexology due to contraindications. As the reflexes are closer together and more compressed on the hands these sessions are usually shorter, making them ideal for anyone pushed for time.


Hot Stone Fusion Reflexology

Warm stones are used in conjunction with the hands to bring about a dynamic and deeply relaxing treatment.
The nature of the warm stones melt tension away by increasing the flow of new blood and oxygen to the body, enabling the reflex points to be worked at a deep level.

Reflexology has shown to be effective for:   Allergies, Arthritis, Back Pain and Sciatica, Digestive Disorders (IBS), Fertility, Pregnancy and Post-Natal, Headaches and Migraine, HIgh Blood Pressure, PMS and Hormonal imbalances, Post-operative recovery, SLeep disorders, Sports injuries, Stress-related conditions and much more…

Tansy Lihou provides customised Reflexology treatments from The Yard Therapies. She has six years practical experience of treating a variety of illnesses and conditions, but more extensively in the past four years in the areas of fertility, pregnancy and post-natal reflexology.

For further information on treatments or to book an appointment, please call Tansy Lihou on 07779 62 16 18