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Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy

Claudine Thornhill Nutritional Therapist at The Yard

Claudine Thornhill
Nutritional Therapist at The Yard

Nutritional Therapy is an evidence-based therapy that promotes the use of diet and lifestyle to maximize optimal health.  The approach recognises each person’s unique individuality and personalised nutrition and lifestyle plans are used to target individual health needs. Nutritional Therapy aims to identify potential nutritional imbalances that may contribute to symptoms or health concerns and works to address the underlying causes of health issues.

During an initial consultation, a full case history covering health concerns, medical history, physical functions and current diet and lifestyle is taken. This helps to identify any genetic, environmental, diet, lifestyle or emotional factors that may impact health and wellbeing. Following this, clients will be provided with dietary and lifestyle recommendations. Follow-up consultations are recommended four to six weeks after the initial consultation to assess results and adjust the initial protocol.


Nutritional Therapy can help with health issues including: 

    • Disease prevention (making healthier diet and lifestyle choices, diet transitions)
    • Women’s health (PCOS, Fibroids, Endometriosis, menstrual issues, menopause and perimenopause)
    • Weight management
    • Fatigue
    • Digestive complaints (IBS, bloating, gas, constipation)
    • Skin conditions (acne, eczema)
    • Stress and resilience
    • Allergies (hay fever, asthma)
    • Autoimmune conditions 
    • Diabetes and Pre-diabetes

Claudine Thornhill, Nutritional Therapist (Dip. CNM, mNNA, mANP)
Claudine is a qualified Nutritional Therapist. In addition to Nutritional Therapy, her experience includes pre-diabetes health coaching with the NHS, individual health coaching, corporate talks, community workshop facilitation and wellness event planning. In 2019 she received a Precious Lifestyle Award for Well-Being Brand of the Year.

Initial consultations: up to 75 minutes, £70
Follow-up consultations: up to 45 minutes, £40
Package: One initial and two follow-up consultations, £135

Concessions also available.

To book an appointment please email Claudine directly: info@claudinethornhill.com