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Neuro-Development Therapy

Neuro-Development Therapy

Moni LebonNeuro-Developmental Delay is a term that describes a central nervous system that is underdeveloped. It is defined by a presence of ‘primitive’ reflexes as well as an absence of certain postural reflexes.

Primitive reflexes are crucial to our development in the first year of life.  They are the rudimentary training using movement to develop the nervous system.  There is a limited life span for these reflexes and if they remain active the development of the central nervous system, which is the gateway for fluent communication between body and brain, will be hindered and unable to handle the workload.  The symptoms are signs that miscommunication is happening between different parts of the body.  This can result in a host of behavioural, emotional, learning and physiological issues.

The therapy is a non-invasive, drug-free neural stimulation programme (carried out at home) that combines tactile skin stimulation with physical exercises, designed to inhibit any residual primitive reflexes.  This allows them to live out their full life cycle and give the brain a second chance to develop.

The therapy has been seen to reduce anxiety, greater ease of learning, improved emotional self-regulation, more age- and socially appropriate behaviour and better motor control and co-ordination.

After a bumpy start with her first child’s early schooling experiences, Moni found her way into Steiner education. Moni has completed her Steiner teacher training in both lower school and kindergarten and has worked in the Steiner ‘early years’ setting. The needs of her first child again led her to another transformational learning opportunity with Bob Allen, the leading Neuro-developmental therapist based in Windsor. The whole family underwent the program before Moni began her training with Bob.

Moni is now a fully qualified and insured Neuro-Developmental therapist as well as a Johansen IAS provider. As with her Steiner teacher and ‘early years’ training, which provided an in-depth understanding of the various stages of human development, she believes that these therapeutic inputs are ways to remove hindrances in one’s journey through the path of life.