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Esther Cato

Esther Cato. Massage Therapist at The Yard

Esther Cato has been a qualified and experience massage therapist since 2001. She trained in Harrow on the Hill and has continued her professional development in London and internationally. She has worked with everyone from busy mums and dads and former Service Personnel to novelists, office workers and dancers. She prides herself in the bespoke treatments she gives and aims to successfully treat and eliminate client pains or complaints within 1 -6 sessions.





Please see all of Esther’s treatments below:

Luxurious Hot Oil Massage

A choice of warm chocolate oils with a hint of either mint, orange, cinnamon or rose. A warm hand and foot sea salt scrub with heated towels and hot Jade Stones. Warms muscles and joints to bring about deep relaxation and stress relief. Great for circulation, tired achy muscles, and hands & feet.

Deep Tissue Massage / Sports Techniques / MyoFascial Release

A deep massage into muscles, treating local and referred pain. Great for post workout; yoga; busy workers; mums and dads carrying young children and buggies and those hunched over laptops & mobile phones. Also beneficial for sufferers of Migraines; Sciatica; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; muscular aches & pains; and more.

Swedish / Holistic Massage

This gentler form of massage is great to bring about instant relaxation. Used with a plain base oil or pre-blended oils. A combination of classic massage strokes to ease stress, promote a healthy immune system and improve sleep patterns.

Pregnancy Massage

A gentle tailor-made massage featuring a soundtrack of classical lullabies and calming sounds, promoting wellbeing for mum and baby. Reduces back and joint pain and improves circulation whilst reducing swelling of hands and feet. Reduces anxiety.

Baby Massage

Esther offers individual, practical teaching sessions for Mums/Dads/carers with their babies, to come and learn the basics of how to massage your new baby.  This is a 1 hour session and includes a mini head/neck/shoulder massage for you, too!

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

MLD can help to reduce swelling in your arms legs and other parts of the body. It is effective in managing weight loss and water retention. It can strengthen immunity by cleaning and flushing out toxins.

Natural Face Lift / Facial Rejuvenation

A blend of Japanese and Indian face massage, and Acupressure to revive and refresh your face instantly with visible change. Instant results, but 4-6 treatments are recommended for a complete lift. Perfect for a first date! Great for dark circles, crow’s feet and fine lines. Instant relaxation.