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CBT & Hypnotherapy

CBT & Hypnotherapy

Emma Davis, CBT, Hypnotherapy & Aromatherapy at The Yard

Emma Davis, CBT, Hypnotherapy & Aromatherapy at The Yard

Emma Davis is a successful and experienced therapist.  She uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Hypnotherapy and Counselling, Mindfulness and Coaching.  These techniques are combined to create a goal oriented, dynamic and interactive approach which is tailored to each client’s needs and aims to reduce the number of visits required as opposed to other therapeutic approaches.

Emma specialises in Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (REBT) which sits under the CBT umbrella of therapy. REBT helps you to identify thinking, deeply held beliefs and behaviours that are unhelpful and that keep you stuck in a cycle of negative thought patterns.  It is the way that we think about the events, or ourselves which is the biggest cause in maintaining the problem.  In a therapy session these beliefs and thoughts are explored and disputed, creating alternative ways of thinking, believing and behaving which will be more helpful and healthy.

When this is combined with the relaxation of hypnosis, the new way of thinking is integrated at a deeper unconscious level which, for most people enables the changes to take place faster and the effects are far reaching and long lasting.

The most important element of this approach is that at the end of your treatment you will have the knowledge to be able to apply this technique in all other areas of your life.  This is life changing.

If you experience difficulties with any of the issues below, Emma can help you:


Anxiety, panic attacks, performance anxiety  ~  Changing self beliefs  ~  Habit breaking  ~  Increasing confidence and assertiveness  ~  Insomnia and sleeping disorders  ~  Low moods and depression  ~  Pain management and control  ~  Personal goal setting  ~  Relationship issues  ~  Stop smoking  ~  Stress management  ~  Stroke rehabilitation  ~  Weight issues


Coaching on Moving mental obstacles  ~  Public speaking  ~  Self and career development  ~  Setting goals and creating action plans  ~  Stress management

Emma is also a specialist in Fertility, Pregnancy, Hypnobirthing and Reproductive Health and treats clients with Hypnotherapy and Aromatherapy Massage.

For further information on treatments or to book an appointment, please call Emma Davis on 07850 65 74 52