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Yoga For Well-being and Community

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Yoga For Well-being and Community


Come and enjoy a gentle hour in a warm, friendly environment to improve mobility, strength and flexibility, reduce stress and aches, increase energy levels and bring balance to you life. This class is suitable for all, with no previous experience required. It is perfect for beginners and we particularly welcome the older community.

Nicola and Pamela create a naturally relaxed and inspiring environment to explore and create awareness within the body and mind.  The class focuses on yoga poses (asana) with breath synchronisation. We notice the subtleties taking place moment by moment in our bodies and mind. In a non-competitive space we learn to accept where we are rather than push to where we think we want to ‘be’.

Yoga can bring a deep sense of well-being and balance. It improves flexibility and strength, reduces stress, aches and pains. It cultivates joy and acceptance. We complete the class with a relaxation to leave you refreshed and relaxed ready for whatever life may bring next.

Nicola’s and Pamela’s training is with Yoga Campus (The Life Centre) where they met. They have a combined yoga practice of over 25 years. They teach Hatha yoga which uses yoga postures (Asana) and breathing (Pranayama) in a safe, nurturing space where we gradually learn more about ourselves through Yoga which is often called a ‘Science of Life’.

Pamela’s background in gymnastics and dance brings a playful fluidity to her teaching, to create freedom and space within the body and mind. Her love of Indian philosophy brings a balance of lightness and depth, uplifting yet grounding. She believes by connecting with our breath we begin to understand ourselves by quieting the mind.

Nicola’s interest in the Sivananda Yoga tradition is inspired by the wisdom of her teacher Faustomaria Dorelli (Innergy Life Yoga). His lineage from Swami Vishnu Devananda, teaches not only Yoga Asanas (Postures) but the full yogic wheel including – Kirtan (chanting), Raja yoga (philosophy), Pranayama (breathing techniques) and Meditation; Plus healthy eating and holistic living.

She likes to teach the idea of ‘Yoga for Life’ and cultivate our internal awareness and joy beyond the hubbub of modern living – with inspiration from the traditional yogic philosophy for living.

The cost of this class is £6 drop in or 4 classes for £20. For more information or to book a space, please call Kirsty on 07976 74 73 22 or email info@gracelandsyard.com

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