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Sing & Sign

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Sing & Sign


10am, Stage 2,

11am, Stage 1

11:45am, Stage 1

Sing and Sign shows you how to help your baby communicate BEFORE speech.  It’s easy!  Learn the fun way! Traditional and original songs, nursery rhymes, puppets and props, instruments. Research shows that signing boosts the infant’s vocabulary and mental development, reduces tantrums and improves parent-child relationships.  For more information, you can visit the Sing and Sign website.

For babies 5-24 months of age, must be accompanied by parent or carer.

Stage 1: 5-14 months

Stage 2: 14-30 months

Booking is essential and your first trial class is FREE!

If you and your little one would like to attend our wonderful Sing and Sign classes, please call Harriet on 02089 60 68 69 / 07947 30 47 17 or email harrietroberts@singandsign.co.uk