A Creative Holistic Centre in NW London


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Thursdays, 7:30-9pm

Satsang means to be in the company of Truth.

The aim of these gatherings is to give you the tools to establish a deep connection with your True Self. It’s a Meditation class and spiritual discussion and coming together to chant.

Learn and advance on the spiritual path to Self-Realisation with guidance for beginners wanting to start practicing meditation and for those who want to deepen their existing practice and dive beyond body and mind to experience the True Self.

Centered around the spiritual philosophy of Vedanta, the path to Self-knowledge. There will also be some practice of chanting mantras which will help to concentrate the mind and develop a stronger connection with the heart and Self-Love.

Open to those from all spiritual paths and all walks of life.

The cost of this class is £66 for 6 classes or £13 drop in.

For more information or to book a space please call 020 8960 7450 or email info@gracelandsyard.com