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Parent Child Home Prescribing


Parent Child Home Prescribing

Tuesday 7th February, 10-11:30am

Miranda will be running a parent child home prescribing workshop. Aimed at empowering you to treat common childhood illnesses and help their children back to health with confidence. You’ll look at the confusion around fevers and the remedies that help manage them. Sleep issues, teething, weaning and much more.

There are a handful of Homeopathic remedies that no new parent should be without….



Calc Carb





Homeopathy is ideal for babies and children as it is a gentle yet highly effective system of medicine. Children respond wonderfully to simple homeopathic remedies.

Many of the most common illnesses of childhood can be quickly and effectively treated at home with homeopathic medicines.

The Homeopathic remedy approach is growing in popularity as many paediatricians now prefer to recommend it as an effective treatments for children. Homeopathy is gaining recognition in the conventional field of medicine and has been subject to many clinical trials.

When it comes to serious illnesses you should always consult with your doctor or paediatrician.

Every baby’s sleep pattern is different and what works for one will often not work for another. Your baby’s temperament can also be a factor in how your baby sleeps. All babies will wake at night, this is because they have not learned how to go back to sleep on their own. When they wake during the night as part of the normal sleep cycle, they have no idea how to settle themselves back to sleep! And, being able to go back to sleep without the help of a grown-up is called independent sleep.

The cost of this workshop is £25 which includes some remedies to take home and get you started

Please email or call to book your place.