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London Energy Healing Carmel Sastre


Sundays, 10-11am


(7 Session to cover each of the main Chakras)

Improve your physical health, abundance, personal relationships, creativity, self-confidence, communication, intuition and spiritual awareness.

Benefits of this kind of meditation through visualisation:

–     1st Chakra: you will be more grounded, focused in all situations, be more responsible with money, take more care of your physical body.

–     2nd Chakra: Balance and enhance your sexuality and relationships and allowing you to be creative

–     3rd Chakra: Develop your authority, self-confidence and power. Put into action the creativity we had during the 2nd chakra session.

–     4th Chakra: Develop unconditional love to give love and receive it. It is also to do with self-esteem as the 3rd chakra.

–     5th chakra: You will practice to release the energy that blocks your communication with yourself and others.

–     6h chakra or 3rd eye: It develops your intuition.

–     7th Chakra: Connect with your spiritual side and universal energy and continue to develop your intuition.

All these chakras work independently but at the same time they are all interconnected.

This 7 guided meditations programme will be repeated throughout the year to provide you opportunity and continuity in the practice of this kind of meditation and keep working on your chakras.

Note that this meditation technique combined with my energy healing sessions will align and enhance your life and well-being.

The cost of this class is £10 drop in or £60 for 7 weeks.

For more information or to book a space, please call Kirsty on 07976 74 73 22 or email info@gracelandsyard.com

Carmel’s website – www.auraandchakrahealing.com