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Introduction to Sound Therapy 26.09.18

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Introduction to Sound Therapy 26.09.18

Wednesday 26th September 2018, 7:45-9:15pm

Talk and Experiential workshop with Jessica Hayward using Singing Bowls.

Jessica Hayward is classically trained opera singer and a qualified Tibetan singing bowl sound therapist. She trained at the Kathmandu Centre for Healing in Nepal, under the tutelage of Grand Master Shree Krishna Shahi. She was first introduced to the bowls 6 years ago by a healer in the USA. With this discovery she found personal healing and growth and became curious about her role in the world of healing. She decided to embark on a journey of self discovery.

The benefits of Sound Therapy:
• Rejuvenates mind, body and promotes physical, emotional, spiritual wellbeing 
• Helps in healing of ailments such as migrane, anxiety, depression, body and muscle aches and many more 
• Bowl massage uses the vibrations to help clear up blockages by increasing mental and emotional clarity 
• Provides deep relaxation and promotes good sleep, stimulates blood flow and helps release feel good hormones
• Chakra Therapy sessions cleanse and balance the chakra’s and aura
• Also used as tool for clearing up negative energy and cleansing of space whether it’s your personal or professional space.
Singing bowl origin
Singing bowls (also known as ‘Himalayan bowls’ or suzu gongs in Japan) are a kind of bell, specifically classified as a standing bell which sit with the bottom surface resting. The sides and rim of singing bowls vibrate to produce sound which can be used for spiritual purposes, meditation, relaxation, religious practice and personal well being. Singing bowls were historically made in Tibet, Nepal,India, China, Japan and Korea. Today they are made in Nepal, India, Japan and Korea.
The cost of this workshop is £15 per person / £10 concessions.
For further information or to book a place, please call The Yard on 020 8960 7450 or email info@gracelandsyard.com or purchase here online.