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Mum & Baby Homeopathy Workshop 24.10.17

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Mum & Baby Homeopathy Workshop 24.10.17

Tuesday 24th October, 10-11:30am

This workshop is designed to help encourage you to build the confidence in yourself to treat minor childhood illness at home with the aid of homeopathy.  A first aid course of sorts, we will look at common childhood illness, coughs, colds, bumps, bruises, chicken pox, fevers, ear aches, sleep issues, bed wetting, weaning, food issues, separation anxiety on beginning nursery/school and much more.  Please feel free to bring any personal concerns and questions you may have about your children’s health and Miranda will help homeopathically in any way she can.

You can make a simple and inexpensive first aid kit yourself.  You just need the most common homeopathic medicines for use in childhood, and the confidence and knowledge on how and when to use them.  We will cover up to twenty remedies.  You will also be given some remedies to take home to add to your kit.  If you prefer a ready made kit the homeopathic pharmacies sell them and we will cover any questions around the remedies that they include, so that rather then just collecting dust… they get used!

Miranda Pleasence is running this workshop; she is our resident homeopath and has been in practice for 12 years.

The cost of this workshop £25.

Booking essential and for further information, please call The Yard on 020 89607450 or email info@gracelandsyard.com