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Sing and feel elated! by Meira Shore

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Sing and feel elated! by Meira Shore

I am Meira Shore and I work at Gracelands Yard as a Hypnotherapist/ NLP and TFT master practitioner, but in this blog I want to talk a little about singing in a choir.

I currently sing in two different choirs, both based in London:

In the Bart’s Choir of three hundred singers, we sing classical material and perform in the Albert Hall, Royal Festival Hall and Cadogan Hall. Several weeks ago we sang Bach’s St John’s Passion there; it was sublime!  It is such a great piece of music.

With the second choir, Acapella Rising of twenty five singers, we perform popular songs, Gospel, Folk all in a four-part harmony and unaccompanied.  It’s so much fun and also very social.  We perform in local venues such as pubs and at school events.

As a Hypnotherapist I help many people to quit smoking, lose weight, to get rid of fears and phobias.  I also teach Hypnobirthing classes and help people reduce their anxiety and depression, and deal with stress issues.

From experience, I know that singing in a choir is the best therapy one can seek.  Singing with other people (safety in numbers!) and sounding like one… Breathing together is profound, expressive and without the need to analyse, singing with others is cleansing, uplifting and leaves you feeling thoroughly elated!

Please click here for further information on Meira and her therapies. She is also holding a hypnobirthing workshop over two sessions here at The Yard so secure your space quickly.

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