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Inspirational Yoga Poses by Samira Schmidli

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Inspirational Yoga Poses by Samira Schmidli

This week Samira shares with us two inspirational Yoga poses.

☼ Halasana – Plough pose. Benefits: It opens up the back-line, strengthens and tones muscles of the shoulders, arms and legs. It is calming on the nervous system and in turn helps to reduce stress. Don’t do it if you have any upper back issues, or if your neck is straining or you suffer from high blood pressure.

☼ Matsyasana Fish (or as I like to call it, Mermaid pose) as a counter-posture to Halasana. Benefits: Heart opener and opens all the little muscles in between your ribs, chest and throat. Be careful and ask for advice if you have lower back or neck issues and/ or are suffering from high or low blood pressure.

Samira Schmidli teaches Wednesday morning Restorative Yoga at the Yard, and runs weekend workshops on Being the Best You Can Be.

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