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Collapse or Relax, which is your method?

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Collapse or Relax, which is your method?

Yes we will all need a good collapse on the sofa every so often. Perhaps with a great movie or a nice bottle of wine or whatever helps you to unwind. But a lot of us, only ever do this as our means of relaxation.

The point Vanda Scaravelli makes so beautifully is that most of us are fighting our bodies. We all have to be so driven to make enough money to pay our bills, we are keen to achieve and forced to compete with our colleagues in order to climb up that ladder. Most of us might have forgotten to listen to what our bodies are trying to tell us and more than likely, right this moment, it is something like: stop and slow down I’m busy enough as it is, give me a break!

So this summer try to give yourself the chance to look up at the sky, lie down in the grass and smell the flowers, taste some new and yummy flavours, experiment in your kitchen, go to a museum or look up the amazing London architecture. I was at a gig last night at Somerset House and even just wondering around through town was exhilarating. Gazing up at those beautifully constructed buildings, some old some new. Ways to make us remember and keep us connected.

All of those above mentioned are mindfulness techniques, we can use to access the present moment. They are at our disposal all of the time, as long as we remember. This is the trickiest part of it, but well worth playing around with.  If we practice enough we might receive a feeling of connectedness to the here and now, a moment of relaxation and perhaps even a sense of peace in one self, there is no need to be perfect- we want to be just as we are.

People most often come to yoga in order to get fit, or feel more healthy, but for anyone who has done yoga before knows it is so much more than just a physical practice.
Some of my clients who have suffered from insomnia have been amazed by the results even after doing just a few classes. Sleepless nights no more. Taking care of us, yes!

“Now we have to work in the opposite direction, by letting go, giving place to a different action, an undoing action. This will stop the habitual process of doing which has become mechanical.” ~ V. Scaravelli

There will be yoga classes going on this summer, hopefully most of them done in Roundwood Park, so that we can feel the grass between our toes, smell the summer breeze, gaze to the beautiful pink sunsets and listen to the rustling trees. If you would like to come along, please let me know so I can clarify where we will be.

Wishing you all a wild, wonderful, exciting and relaxing summer!

Love, Peace, Harmony and Happiness

Samira xx

Samira teaches Vinyasa Flow Yoga on Tuesday’s and Restorative Yoga on Wednesday’s here at The Yard as well as guest teaching at our gatherings.

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