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A Life Changing Exercise by Kristina Evans

meditation on the rise

A Life Changing Exercise by Kristina Evans

This Simple Life Changing Exercise takes just 1 minute a day…..

Meditation. How do you feel when you hear that word, is your resistance arising?

(Too tired, too busy, can’t be bothered, no thanks…..)

Traditional science now backs the yogis and we are more aware of the truth that meditation can bring countless benefits to all aspects of our beings including: strong immune system, calm and clear mind, and emotional resilience.

We all live fast, busy lives, particularly in cities where it feels like we’re on a hamster wheel or a running machine; moving faster and faster to stay in the same place…

How would it feel to be able to connect to a place of peace within, to tap into your own resource and return to a state of balance and well being?

Here’s how:

1.       Start with the clear intention to yourself that you would like to bring a meditative practise into your life.

2.       Turn off the phone

3.       Light a candle if you wish

4.       Close your eyes and take some super deep slow breaths

5.       Do this for 1 minute and then check in on how you feel before and after

If you create the space in your life to do this daily, your 1 minute practise will grow in duration, and grow to be an important part of your life….

Mind is too busy for silence? Try a guided meditation, this journey is under 10 minutes:


And there is power when a group comes together – join us for regular sessions in Kensal, including Mondays at 12.30 at Gracelands Yard.

Light that candle now!

I wish you well.



“Meditation on the Rise creates a space that clears your mind and refreshes your soul.”

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