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Here you can read weekly entries from our wonderful therapists, teachers, clients & friends of The Yard who would like to share with you their health tips, travel memoirs, wellbeing advice, factual stories and just about anything of personal interest within the realms of holistic & complementary therapies, creativity and the arts.

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New Yoga  resize

Tuesdays, 1-2pm This class will help release deep-seated tension, sometimes long held and so engrained in one’s physique, that it is often unnoticed until an issue/problem arises. Using the breath and increasing awareness in movement and asanas (yoga postures) this tension can be let go of so...

Yoga For Stress

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Two weeks into our homeopathic acute walk in clinic and a number of people have asked, “What exactly is it?” It’s a way to make Homeopathic medicine more accessible. Homeopathic medicine can produce a dramatic improvement in acute conditions such as cold and flu,...

Acute Homeopathic Clinic